We love our little family and we love weddings. There's nothing more awesome than marriage except maybe being parents. No joke. We love us a good IPA and will take on any adventure that comes our way. Yes, even with Tiny E (be sure to ask Joey how his latest hiking excursion went with the new carrier he bought for Ellie).

We think it's important to keep it real around here. So. We decided to let you in on a few secrets on what makes this union of ours so awesome:

  • She loves Guns N' Roses. I mean REALLY loves them. If you are lucky enough to have experienced her karaoke skills, you know how deep this passion is.
  • Not that I would stand for this type of polygamy but if she COULD marry a boat, she would.
  • If oysters are served at dinner, keep your hands and arms away from her mouth.
  • Friends + Family + Catalina on a boat = TOTAL HAPPINESS.
  • Her passion for life is what I love most about her
  • He is a master of impromptu dance parties
  • He is a cycling nerd
  • He is semi vegetarian
  • I like the science behind Chemex coffee but Joey will take burnt beans from the bux any day over the fancy stuff.
  • He never met a theme party he didn't like
  • He will do anything to make his family and you (his client) happy, which I find incredibly sexy.
  • you're down to earth
  • you don't take yourselves too seriously
  • you're looking to have your wedding photographed in a less traditional way
  • you aren't trying to fit into the 'cool crowd'
  • you're incredibly self-aware and are confident in your decision-making
  • you love to have a good time with your friends and family
  • you have an appreciation for fashion and creativity.
  • you may have a traditional foundation but do things in a way that's completely unexpected.

If this sounds like you, we think it's time we meet over a few drinks or a cup of Joe. There's no reason super awesome people shouldn't get together and throw a few high fives.