Nicole & Jason // The Condor’s Nest Ranch



Last year, we had the good fortune of being able to shoot for some insanely talented and creative couples. Nicole and Jason are a prime example and all of their efforts that went into styling this incredible bohemian wedding at The Condor's Nest Ranch paid off in spades. Their wedding was unique for us in that we were working with an entirely new team of wedding professionals, all of whom blew our minds. Thank you to everyone that came together to help make Nicole and Jason's wedding the amazing day that it was.

Condors Nest Wedding-1 Condors Nest Wedding-2 Condors Nest Wedding-3 Condors Nest Wedding-4 Condors Nest Wedding-5 Condors Nest Wedding-6 Condors Nest Wedding-7 Condors Nest Wedding-8 Condors Nest Wedding-9 Condors Nest Wedding-10 Condors Nest Wedding-11 Condors Nest Wedding-12 Condors Nest Wedding-13 Condors Nest Wedding-14 Condors Nest Wedding-15 Condors Nest Wedding-16 Condors Nest Wedding-17 Condors Nest Wedding-18 Condors Nest Wedding-19 Condors Nest Wedding-20 Condors Nest Wedding-21 Condors Nest Wedding-22 Condors Nest Wedding-23 Condors Nest Wedding-24 Condors Nest Wedding-25 Condors Nest Wedding-26 Condors Nest Wedding-27 Condors Nest Wedding-29 Condors Nest Wedding-30 Condors Nest Wedding-31 Condors Nest Wedding-32 Condors Nest Wedding-33 Condors Nest Wedding-34 Condors Nest Wedding-35 Condors Nest Wedding-36 Condors Nest Wedding-38 Condors Nest Wedding-40 Condors Nest Wedding-41 Condors Nest Wedding-42 Condors Nest Wedding-43 Condors Nest Wedding-44 Condors Nest Wedding-45 Condors Nest Wedding-47 Condors Nest Wedding-48 Condors Nest Wedding-49 Condors Nest Wedding-50 Condors Nest Wedding-51 Condors Nest Wedding-53 Condors Nest Wedding-54 Condors Nest Wedding-55 Condors Nest Wedding-57 Condors Nest Wedding-60  Condors Nest Wedding-61Condors Nest Wedding-63Condors Nest Wedding-64



Exquisite Weddings Launch Party



This past week, we were asked by the team at Exquisite Weddings Magazine to photograph their 2014 Fall Launch Party. This party (which always draws an amazing crowd of vendors and brides) was flawless across the board. Held at the gorgeous Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego, the event brought out some awesome vendors like My Girls on Film Studios, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., Couture Events  and Mobile Photobooth just to name a few. It was an honor to be there to cover the event and party with some of our most favorite people in the industry.

Exquisite Weddings Fall Launch Party

The modern groom

April's Bride Guide


This one is for the guys. Yes, I'll admit it, when I started writing these blog posts, I wanted them to be focused solely on advice for brides. However, we have so many devilishly handsome grooms, with impeccable taste, that we thought we would (with Joey's help) offer up some advice for you grooms out there.

With the evolution of terms like "modern fit" and "slim fit" there is no reason that any groom should be faced with a baggy suiting scenario on his wedding day. Although there are many options to rent suits or tuxedos for your big day, we highly recommend splurging to purchase whatever it is that you plan to wear on your wedding day. You'll be hard pressed to find a better excuse to look dapper than your own wedding. There are plenty of affordable options to buy vs. rent right now. Websites like Combatant Gentlemen offer insanely affordable options for purchasing high quality suits and tuxedos at rental prices. Most grooms pretend not to care about things like fashion, but our grooms do and we are grateful for that. Here are a few recent groom suiting options that were outside the box and flawless across the board.

Also, if you want some all around awesome manly wedding advice like "how to make a toast" or "how to fold a pocket square", hop on over to the Combatant Gentlemen blog and get schooled. It will serve you well. Promise.

Wedding suits for groomsmen Modern fit wedding tuxedoFun groomsmen photos

Two Harbors family vacation

Day In The Life


If you know anything about April, you know that there is no location on planet earth that is more special to her than Two Harbors on Catalina Island. It is truly hard for me to explain to people just how much this place means to her. Today, I (Joey) am writing this blog post, in the hopes that five-ten-twenty years down the line, there will be dozens of other posts, with images from this same location, but with a whole new set of memories attached to them.

I would say that April did not experience an ordinary "summertime" growing up as a little girl. At least not "ordinary" in the sense that she went to school all year and then had the usual run-of-the-mill, cliche June through September months at summer camp or playing in the evenings on the cul-de-sac with the neighborhood kids. When school let out for the year, her family set sail (or motored) over to Cherry Cove, on the west end of Catalina Island and set up shop for three months. Her dad commuted (yes commuted) from Catalina each week so that the girls could spend their summer days soaking up the Catalina sun, snorkeling, participating in things like "the dinghy parade" and other traditions that so few people have the good fortune to experience. So many of us are familiar with taking the Catalina Express over to Avalon, hitting all of the tourist destinations only to head back to the mainland without experiencing the most special parts of this island. There are areas of Catalina, that for people like April, have become a part of who they are. So many firsts happened for April here and so many memories were made. Friendships were created and nurtured.

I came onto the Cherry Cove scene over two decades after April first visited this place but I instantly saw what it was that she enjoyed so much about being here: Remote. Unplugged (for the most part). Beautiful clear blue water. Stars that don't seem to exists on the mainland at night. Warm breezes and the sound of water all around.

This was our first trip as a family of four to Two Harbors and I know that it will not be our last. I am so grateful to be able to share this special place with my wife and children. So, a few parting words here: if there is something (or somewhere) special that your spouse loves, be sure that you take the time to enjoy these things or places together with them. For me, I often find myself challenged to get away from the day to day hustle and bustle of running a business. April has taught me so much about why it is important to not get sucked into this routine. She has shown me that there is so much out there to experience together as a family and as a couple and I am so grateful that our kids will be able to look back on their childhood memories as fondly as we do. Here is a set of images that will likely be the first in many, of our family trips to the Banning House at Two Harbors.

San Diego Family Photographers - 001 San Diego Family Photographers - 002 San Diego Family Photographers - 003 San Diego Family Photographers - 004 San Diego Family Photographers - 005 San Diego Family Photographers - 006 San Diego Family Photographers - 007 San Diego Family Photographers - 008 San Diego Family Photographers - 009 San Diego Family Photographers - 010 San Diego Family Photographers - 011 San Diego Family Photographers - 012 San Diego Family Photographers - 013 San Diego Family Photographers - 014 San Diego Family Photographers - 015 San Diego Family Photographers - 016 San Diego Family Photographers - 017 San Diego Family Photographers - 018 San Diego Family Photographers - 019 San Diego Family Photographers - 020 San Diego Family Photographers - 021 San Diego Family Photographers - 022 San Diego Family Photographers - 023 San Diego Family Photographers - 024 San Diego Family Photographers - 025 San Diego Family Photographers - 026 San Diego Family Photographers - 027 San Diego Family Photographers - 028 San Diego Family Photographers - 029 San Diego Family Photographers - 030 San Diego Family Photographers - 031 San Diego Family Photographers - 032 San Diego Family Photographers - 033 San Diego Family Photographers - 034 San Diego Family Photographers - 035 San Diego Family Photographers - 036 San Diego Family Photographers - 037 San Diego Family Photographers - 038 San Diego Family Photographers - 039 San Diego Family Photographers - 040

Emily & Ryan // Paradise Falls Wedding Oceanside, CA



Emily and Ryan's wedding at Paradise Falls in Oceanside was one of our favorites of the summer. The details of the day were incredible: matched but mismatched bridesmaids dresses, ridiculously awesome groomsmen suits, beautiful decor, and of course, a wonderful group of people to celebrate with. As the photographer for the day, WE felt so lucky to not only shoot for this group, but also to be working with an amazing group of creatives. Tanya at Le Marie Events orchestrated all the details of the day beautifully. We worked along side Lloyd Films, the videographer for the very first time and truly enjoyed the experience. Additionally, The Crimson Cake created a spectacular cupcake tower that was to die for! Thanks everyone for a wonderful day with an incredible group of people.

Paradise Falls Wedding Paradise Falls Wedding - 002 Paradise Falls Wedding - 003 Paradise Falls Wedding - 004 Paradise Falls Wedding - 005 Paradise Falls Wedding - 006 Paradise Falls Wedding - 007 Paradise Falls Wedding - 008 Paradise Falls Wedding - 009 Paradise Falls Wedding - 010 Paradise Falls Wedding - 011 Paradise Falls Wedding - 012 Paradise Falls Wedding - 013 Paradise Falls Wedding - 014 Paradise Falls Wedding - 015 Paradise Falls Wedding - 016 Paradise Falls Wedding - 017 Paradise Falls Wedding - 018 Paradise Falls Wedding - 019 Paradise Falls Wedding - 020 Paradise Falls Wedding - 021 Paradise Falls Wedding - 022 Paradise Falls Wedding - 023 Paradise Falls Wedding - 024 Paradise Falls Wedding - 025 Paradise Falls Wedding - 026 Paradise Falls Wedding - 028 Paradise Falls Wedding - 029 Paradise Falls Wedding - 030 Paradise Falls Wedding - 031 Paradise Falls Wedding - 032 Paradise Falls Wedding - 033 Paradise Falls Wedding - 034 Paradise Falls Wedding - 035 Paradise Falls Wedding - 036 Paradise Falls Wedding - 037 Paradise Falls Wedding - 038 Paradise Falls Wedding - 039 Paradise Falls Wedding - 040 Paradise Falls Wedding - 041 Paradise Falls Wedding - 042 Paradise Falls Wedding - 043 Paradise Falls Wedding - 044 Paradise Falls Wedding - 045 Paradise Falls Wedding - 046