Beach cruiser engagement session



Living in Southern California, we are always looking for ways to spice up our engagement sessions at the beach and a beach cruiser engagement session seemed to be rather appropriate for these two loves. One of their favorite things to do in their spare time is take beach cruiser rides together through their neighborhood and just enjoy the environment. Whether that be cruising Neptune Avenue at Windansea or stopping into one of their favorite restaurants for a delicious IPA, they are always up for an adventure. With IPAs in mind, these two surprised us at the end of their engagement session with a bottle of Pliny the Elder, our all time favorite IPA. We saved it for a special occasion and enjoyed with a toast to Karisa and Ryan, and so many of our other clients that we feel so lucky to work with. Cheers! Special thanks to The Hair and Makeup Box for sharing their talents with us for this shoot!

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Windansea engagement session



This Windansea engagement session was one of our all time faves. We were so excited to hear from Sara and Justin shortly after shooting Kat and Karl's wedding at Ponte Winery. We didn't know it then, but one of the very last images in that post was a shot of these two cuties! After seeing themselves on our blog and having watched us work with their friends Kat and Karl, they reached out and asked us to be a part of their special day! For their engagement session, it was only fitting that we shoot at Windansea as they love spending time at the beach, especially in La Jolla. It was such a fun afternoon getting to know them better before their wedding this May. Shout out to Veuve Clicquot for making the afternoon a little extra bubbly ;) We can't wait for these two to tie the knot this spring!

Windansea Engagement Photo 1 Windansea Engagement Photo-2 Windansea Engagement Photo-3 Windansea Engagement Photo-5 Windansea Engagement Photo-8 Windansea Engagement Photo-9 Windansea Engagement Photo-11 Windansea Engagement Photo-12 Windansea Engagement Photo-13 Windansea Engagement Photo-15 Windansea Engagement Photo-17 Windansea Engagement Photo-18 Windansea Engagement Photo-19 Windansea Engagement Photo-20 Windansea Engagement Photo-21 Windansea Engagement Photo-22 Windansea Engagement Photo-23 Windansea Engagement Photo-24 Windansea Engagement Photo-25 Windansea Engagement Photo-26 Windansea Engagement Photo-27 Windansea Engagement Photo-29 Windansea Engagement Photo-30 Windansea Engagement Photo-31 Windansea Engagement Photo-32 Windansea Engagement Photo-33 Windansea Engagement Photo-34 Windansea Engagement Photo-35 Windansea Engagement Photo-36 Windansea Engagement Photo-37 Windansea Engagement Photo-38 Windansea Engagement Photo-39 Windansea Engagement Photo-40 Windansea Engagement Photo-41


Nautical Engagement Session // Amanda & Matt



"Crazy Love". That is the name of the their boat and for good reason. Amanda & Matt have this love for the water: it's the same love that April has for all things ocean, Catalina and boating. For us, meeting these two lovebirds was a match made on water as we spent much of our first wedding consult with them chatting about boats, the get the picture. So, when it came time to start planning for their engagement session, there was only one direction to go and we were so happy that they chose to shoot their super fun engagement session down on the docks and on their boat, Crazy Love. This nautical engagement session has everything we love: water, boats, an adorable dog named Yosie and most of all, love. Amanda & Matt are getting married this April at the Crossings in Carlsbad and we will certainly be back on the blog to share the beautiful images from their special day. We can't wait! This shoot was also featured on Exquisite Weddings The Bride Suite. You can check out their feature here.

Nautical-Engagement-Session-1 Nautical-Engagement-Session-2 Nautical-Engagement-Session-3 Nautical-Engagement-Session-4 Nautical-Engagement-Session-5 Nautical-Engagement-Session-6 Nautical-Engagement-Session-7 Nautical-Engagement-Session-8 Nautical-Engagement-Session-9 Nautical-Engagement-Session-10 Nautical-Engagement-Session-11 Nautical-Engagement-Session-12 Nautical-Engagement-Session-13 Nautical-Engagement-Session-14 Nautical-Engagement-Session-15 Nautical-Engagement-Session-16 Nautical-Engagement-Session-17

Nikka & Dave // Spruce Street Bridge



Nikka and Dave are just the cutest couple and we were thrilled to hear that they wanted to shoot their engagement session at the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, an all time bucket list shoot location for us that we've been dying to photograph. The bridge has some amazing history (and even more amazing views). Once we all met up and started walking the bridge, we all confessed to each other that we were not entirely without fear of heights. The bridge is a bit nerve wracking the first time you step foot on it, but fun and adventurous at the same time so we had a blast. We spent some time cruising around the area near the Spruce Street Bridge, then headed over to Presidio Park for an amazing picnic with wine, cheese, beautiful fall foliage and lots of love. Nikka and Dave are getting married at the Darlington House in July and we can't wait to shoot their wedding. It is sure to be as amazing as they are.
Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 02 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 03 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 04 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 05 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 06 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 07 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 08a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 08b Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 09a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 10a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 11a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 14a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 15 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 17 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 18a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 18b Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 18c Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 19a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 20a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 22a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 23a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 25a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 27a Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 28 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 29 Spruce Street Bridge Engagement 30

Jordyn & Taylor // Idyllwild



When we first met Jordyn and Taylor, they shared the details of how they met, began dating and ultimately got engaged. The story of their engagement had us picking our jaws up off the floor. Taylor is an incredibly talented sketch artist so it was no big deal when he brought his sketching pads and pens on a family trip to Idyllwild (an annual family tradition). One afternoon, he asked Jordyn to head out for a hike to get some fresh air and spend some time sketching landscapes. Little did Jordyn know, he had more than just pens and paper in his sketch kit. On top of a mountain, all alone, they looked out at the beautiful landscape as he sketched the scene in front of them. After he was finished, he got down on one knee and asked Jordyn to marry him. She said yes (of course) and they now have this amazing piece of art to to remind them of where it all began. Flash forward six months, and here we are, back at Idyllwild for their engagement session. It was an amazing weekend for all of us, getting away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying some quiet time in the mountains. They stayed at their favorite spot in Idyllwild, Silver Pines Lodge (an awesome little cozy hotel) for a little weekend getaway and we were lucky enough to be there to shoot their engagement session. These two have our hearts in more ways than one and we are so excited to be a part of their wedding this fall. Love you guys. xo.

Idyllwild Wood-1.2
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