Darlington House Wedding



This Darlington House wedding was one that we had been looking forward for months after shooting Nikka and Dave's engagement session. We just knew right away that their carefree personalities, combined with an amazing group of vendor friends would create a magical day at one of our all time favorite venues. The work that the ladies at Coastyle Events did to create an amazing day for these two was off the charts. Plus, we got to work alongside one of our favorite video teams, Seven Pines Productions. This was our first time working with Diamant of Blue Ladder Botany and we were blown away by the florals that she created for the bridesmaids and the venue. One of the best parts of our day was seeing the lovely Lauren from Sweet Cheeks Baking (see images below of the most amazing dessert table). And we are so grateful to Joy at Flirt Urban Salon and Makeup by Kristine for sharing their amazing talents with us, the bride and the bridesmaids.

darlington-house-wedding-photographer-01 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-02 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-03 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-04 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-05 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-06 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-07 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-08 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-09 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-10 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-11 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-12 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-13 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-14 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-15 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-16 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-17 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-18 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-19 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-20 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-21 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-22 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-23 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-24 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-25 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-26 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-27 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-28 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-29 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-30 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-31 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-32 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-33 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-34 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-35 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-36 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-37 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-38 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-39 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-40 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-41 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-42 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-43 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-44 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-45 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-46 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-47 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-48 darlington-house-wedding-photographer-49

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe // Caroline & JR



The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is a historic piece of property in San Diego County and one of our all time favorite locations when it comes to shooting weddings. When Caroline and JR starting filling us in on all of their wedding day details, we were beyond excited to see this dream day come together. We had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and work alongside a handful of new vendors. Best of all, the wedding party brought the awesome for these two lovebirds and helped to create a day that was magical beyond compare. Please see the links below the images for more information on the vendors that were a part of this wedding day. We are always blown away by the creative teams that we get to work with and this group is truly second to none.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-1 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-2 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-3 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-4 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-5 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-6 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-7 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-8 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-9 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-10 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-11 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-11a The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-12 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-14 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-15 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-16 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-18 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-20 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-21 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-22 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-23 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-24 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-25 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-26 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-28 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-29 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-30 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-31 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-32 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-33 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-34 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-35 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-36 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-40 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-41 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-42 The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding-43
Vendor Team:

Coordinator: Andrea Reznichek Byrnes at A Diamond Celebration

Makeup: My Girls on Film

Music: Vario Productions (formerly Tim Altbaum Productions)

Floral Design: Flora Glamor

Reception venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Ceremony: Saint John the Evangelist


Ponte Winery Wedding // Kat & Karl



Kat and Karl tied the knot at Ponte Winery this past fall and it was truly one of our favorite weddings of the year. All of the elements came together to make for a wonderful day: The entire vendor team was amazing to work with. The group of family and friends that were there to celebrate these two cuties were beyond wonderful to be with all day. The weather was perfect. Most of all, Kat and Karl had that special type of love that just shines through in images. We absolutely love a Ponte Winery Wedding and can't thank Kat and Karl enough for including us in their special day! A huge shout out to the vendor team on this one as well. Details on team members below images.

Ponte Winery Wedding-3 Ponte Winery Wedding-4 Ponte Winery Wedding-5 Ponte Winery Wedding-6 Ponte Winery Wedding-7 Ponte Winery Wedding-8 Ponte Winery Wedding-9 Ponte Winery Wedding-11 Ponte Winery Wedding-12 Ponte Winery Wedding-14 Ponte Winery Wedding-15 Ponte Winery Wedding-17 Ponte Winery Wedding-18 Ponte Winery Wedding-19 Ponte Winery Wedding-20 Ponte Winery Wedding-21 Ponte Winery Wedding-23 Ponte Winery Wedding-25 Ponte Winery Wedding-26 Ponte Winery Wedding-27 Ponte Winery Wedding-28 Ponte Winery Wedding-29 Ponte Winery Wedding-30 Ponte Winery Wedding-34 Ponte Winery Wedding-35 Ponte Winery Wedding-36 Ponte Winery Wedding-37 Ponte Winery Wedding-38 Ponte Winery Wedding-40 Ponte Winery Wedding-41 Ponte Winery Wedding-46 Ponte Winery Wedding-47 Ponte Winery Wedding-48 Ponte Winery Wedding-49 Ponte Winery Wedding-50 Ponte Winery Wedding-51 Ponte Winery Wedding-53 Ponte Winery Wedding-54 Ponte Winery Wedding-55 Ponte Winery Wedding-56

Vendor team for this Ponte Winery Wedding:

Venue: Ponte Winery, Music and lighting: SOS Entertainment, Makeup: Makeup Artist on the Go, Floral Design: Suzanne M. Smith Designs, Cookies: Great Harvest. Everyone worked together so flawlessly on this wedding. Definitely makes us count our blessings when it comes to the amazing creatives out there that help make shooting weddings so fun for us!

Exquisite Weddings Magazine – Cover Gown Shoot



Remember when this happened and we won the Exquisite Weddings Cover Contest a few years ago? Well, since that day, we have made it a personal and business goal to shoot the ever popular wedding gown feature in an issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine. We feel so incredibly honored to have been asked this year to shoot this feature that spanned 12 pages of the current issue that is on newsstands now, in addition to our second cover for the magazine! We were fortunate enough to be working alongside an amazing team that pulled out all the stops to create some serious wedding magic for the newest issue of San Diego's top wedding magazine. Thanks so much to Amanda Thorne at Thorne Artistry. This shoot was her brainchild and she pulled together some incredible looks for us to shoot. She is such a talented wedding pro and we are so grateful for everything she did to bring amazingness to this day. The beautiful florals you see below, including the insanely awesome floral chair were designed by Breesa Lee at Blooms by Breesa Lee. The incredibly talented Melissa Rae of Melissa Rae & Co. Luxury Beauty Studio provided makeup and Unveiled Bridal Beauty worked their magic on our model's hair that day.

The images below include some of our favorite shots that were not featured in the magazine so we thought we would show them off here as there was a ton of variety throughout the course of this day. We feel so fortunate to be asked to be a part of these types of shoots. For us, it's truly a dream come true: we show up, hang out at beautiful places (the venue for this shoot was The La Jolla Women's Club - thanks Auriel for providing us with such an incredible shoot space!), work with some of the most creative people in the industry and then party with them all to celebrate a successful day's work. Don't pinch us because if this is a dream, we don't want to wake up! Thanks team for bringing this shoot to life! We love you all!
Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 01 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 02 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 03 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 04 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 05 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 06 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 07 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 08 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 09 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 010 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 011 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 012 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 013 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 014 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 015 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 016 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 017 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Photo 018

Ultimate Skybox Wedding // Kelly & Matt



Remember when we shot this insanely awesome urban, downtown engagement session last year? Over the past few months we have had a chance to get to know these two even more and we cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Their wedding day was filled with an incredible group of family and friends, not to mention a dream team of vendors that included their coordinator Louisa Llanes with Creative Affairs, Floral design by Lulamae Flowers and DJ Chris Mowery with Just Dance Events that was turning out tunes and keeping the dance floor moving all night! With amazing views of downtown and Petco Park, The Ultimate Skybox is one of our all time favorite venues and that made the day that much more amazing. Thanks Kelly and Matt for sharing your special day with us. Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 001 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 002 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 003 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 004 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 005 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 006 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 007 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 008 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 009 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 010 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 011 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 012 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 013 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 014 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 015 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 016 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 017 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 018 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 019 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 020 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 021 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 022 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 023 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 024 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 025 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 026 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 027 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 028 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 029 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 030 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 031 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 032 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 033 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 034 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 035 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 036 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 037 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 038 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 039 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 040 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 041 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 042 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 043 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 044 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 045 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 046 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 047 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 048 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 049 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 050 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 051 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 052 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 053 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 054 Ultimate Skybox Wedding - 055Coordinator: Louisa Llanes Creative Affairs (619) 925-6113 www.creativeaffairsinc.com Ceremony Location: The Ultimate Skybox WWW.theultimateskybox.com DJ: Chris Mowery Just Dance Events (661) 993-2920 www.justdanceevents.com Florist: Kat Kelly Lulumae Flowers (760) 707-3616 www.lulamaeflowers.com Caterer: Jennifer Layne Coast Catering (877) 577-1718 cateringbybarry.com