Annie & Drew

It’s never easy asking your clients to run down a one-way parking ramp that is just wide enough to fit one car – especially when there are signs everywhere that say, “DO NOT WALK ON RAMP”. Fortunately, Annie and Drew were pretty much up for anything during their engagement session and we are happy to report, we had no injuries. We had such a great time roaming the streets of downtown San Diego with their guard dog, Willoughby. As an added bonus, we had the good fortune of having Scott Wicken of Sigtweed & Corduroy with us for styling and Argenis Pinal doing amazing things (as always) with hair and makeup. Also, a big shout-out to the gals on the graveyard shift at Ralphs for finally figuring out how to inflate 36 inch balloons at 6 am. Once we got past that fiasco, the rest of the day was a breeze. Thanks everyone for an amazing e-session.

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