Baby Bailey

As you may have noticed, our blog postings suddenly slowed down toward the end of the year in 2013 and remained slow (stagnant) for the first few months of the new year. In addition to moving into the first house we've ever owned together as a family, we also brought a very special new person into this world. Bailey Joseph Bertocchini was born on December 9, 2013 right around 4 pm. Weighing 7 lbs 3 oz, this little guy has brought us even more joy than we could have ever anticipated. He is  just over 3 months old now and has "grown like a weed" as the old people say. He is full of smiles and joy and we love him with everything that we are. In addition to having all the love he can handle from his two parents, he has also been warmly welcomed into this world by his big sister Tiny E. We are so proud of our little girl for being such a loving, proud big sis. Here are a few snipits from 24 hours that changed our lives forever. We love you Bailey.

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