Keep it clean - tips for keeping your bridal sweet clean on your wedding day

They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. So why is it that this rule goes directly out the window on wedding days? Keeping clutter and chaos under control in the bridal suite is a great way to ensure low stress and a laid back atmosphere as you prep for your big day. Here are few tips to keep your bride suite looking neat and tidy and chaos free on your wedding day:

1) Splurge on a room upgrade. If you are staying in a hotel, this is a great time to spring for a suite, or even upgrade to a room that has a bedroom and separate living area. The extra space is super handy when it comes to "quarantine-ing" room service carts, snack wrappers or remnant Starbucks containers.

2) Designate a bridesmaid.  Ask one of your most polite and gentle (read as "not bossy") bridesmaids to politely ask the girls to clean up after themselves. She will be happy to help.

3) Call for turn-down service ahead of time. Let the hotel staff know your plan of attack. Tell them that you will be prepping in the room but are scheduled to be back after the reception with your new hubby. Ask if they provide turndown/cleaning service in between for special occasions like this. More often than not, they'll be happy to oblige :)

4) Ask for a room with lots of natural light. Our awesome bride Alison (pictured below) upgraded to a suite and requested a bright and airy room with as much natural light as possible and she scored this amazing suite at the Hotel Palomar. There was so much space that she could use certain areas for prep, and other spaces to hide any clutter, and of course, her doggy beds :)

Regardless of where you are getting ready on your big day, whether it's your home, a hotel or a venue's bridal suite, work with your bridesmaids to keep the space neat. Not only does it help to create beautiful, clutter free images, but less mess = less stress. It's a great way to start your wedding day.


April ;)

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