Pacific Beach engagement session

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Let's take a minute to discuss these two people that completely have our hearts. Here's why: 1) They have fun. ALL.THE.TIME. Every time we ask what they are up to, their reply is a laundry list of beach days, happy hours, ice cream cones and unicorns. Okay, we made up the part about the unicorns. 2) They are fully in love. Like the kind of love that makes you wanna tell them to get a room. Grab-ass is not a game to these two, it's a skill that may or may not be listed on their resumes. 3) They are all sorts of genuine, caring for other people, helping old ladies across the street awesome. The best part: we just met them. And now, after having spent an afternoon with them in Pacific Beach, shooting their engagement session, we feel like we have known them forever. Not sure where you have been all our lives, but thanks for finding us you two.

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