The modern groom

This one is for the guys. Yes, I'll admit it, when I started writing these blog posts, I wanted them to be focused solely on advice for brides. However, we have so many devilishly handsome grooms, with impeccable taste, that we thought we would (with Joey's help) offer up some advice for you grooms out there.

With the evolution of terms like "modern fit" and "slim fit" there is no reason that any groom should be faced with a baggy suiting scenario on his wedding day. Although there are many options to rent suits or tuxedos for your big day, we highly recommend splurging to purchase whatever it is that you plan to wear on your wedding day. You'll be hard pressed to find a better excuse to look dapper than your own wedding. There are plenty of affordable options to buy vs. rent right now. Websites like Combatant Gentlemen offer insanely affordable options for purchasing high quality suits and tuxedos at rental prices. Most grooms pretend not to care about things like fashion, but our grooms do and we are grateful for that. Here are a few recent groom suiting options that were outside the box and flawless across the board.

Also, if you want some all around awesome manly wedding advice like "how to make a toast" or "how to fold a pocket square", hop on over to the Combatant Gentlemen blog and get schooled. It will serve you well. Promise.

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